Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – a Review


Title – Pride and Prejudice

Author – Jane Austen

Published: 1813

Age Rating: Young Adult

Star Rating – 5/5

Packed to the highest level with delightful description, memorable, original characters and a more than satisfying, excellent plot, Pride and Prejudice is the perfect romantic classic. So many unexpected occurrences fuel the story and it is brimming with relaxation and enjoyment. The novel surrounds the Bennet family: Mr and Mrs Bennet, Jane, Elizabeth, Catherine (or Kitty), Mary and Lydia, and new residents to their local village, Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy. I do not want to give too much away of the excellence and details of the story because you will enjoy discovering this for yourself by reading Austen’s work, but here are the outlines and my own opinions of the story. So the story begins expressing personalities from the very first words: Mrs Bennet is desperate for her husband to visit the new male resident of the area to persuade him to marry one of their daughters. Mr Bennet had already paid a call on the gentleman, however, with the same intentions, but not as directly as his wife. Mr Bingley then returns the call and at once, the Bennet’s eldest daughter falls in love with him. He is handsome, rich and ‘most agreeable’ – a perfect husband. His acquaintance also accompanies him and at once makes himself unpopular. He is the complete opposite of his friend, except in the way of wealth, and the family are disgusted with his dark forbiddingness and rudeness. Mr Bingley also grows attached to Jane over the next few visits (paid at balls, general visits, etc) and secretly, Mr Darcy grows an admiration for one of the sisters. Elizabeth. Though his reserved character restrains his allowance in the way of pleasing the young girl, he makes a large effort though, Elizabeth is unaware of it. Her attention is diverted, anyhow, by her sister’s welfare. She is overjoyed Jane and Mr Bingley seem similar and happy in each others company and doesn’t doubt they will soon be married. Her whole family don’t doubt it until Bingley suddenly leaves his home in their village with intentions of completing business in the ‘town’ (London). Jane is devastated, and Elizabeth, for her. She is puzzled that Bingley left in such a hurry – sure of his and her sisters relationship strengthening. News later arrives that Mr Bingley has no intentions of returning – not for many months, anyhow which is even more heart breaking news. Meanwhile further dislike is added to prejudice against Mr Darcy – his apparently undeserved dislike towards popular officer (belonging to regiment visiting local village) Wickham. The Bennets are moreso outraged. But reasons for this prejudice towards Darcy is later revealed to prove him innocent of unnecessary dislike and ill-treatment of Wickham.

I do now want to give too much more of this away, for fear of spoiling it for people who have not yet read it. An absolutely wonderful story. My favourite character of this novel is Elizabeth, without doubt. She is such a headstrong, intelligent character. Very likable. I awarded this book a five out of five for such an enjoyable plot, original characters and overall brilliance.


Watch out for the next review which will be posted tomorrow (just to get the blog going!) Usually there will only be a review weekly.


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