The Mystery of Midnight Ghost by Helen Moss – a Review

Title – The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost

Author – Helen Moss

Published: 2011

Age Rating: 8+

Star Rating – 3/5

This is a more recently published novel than the last I reviewed, and being second in the ‘Adventure Island Series’, it has a very interesting plot. The story is based around an island and a group of three friends – Emily, Jack and Scott (not forgetting their dog, Drift). In reviews and recommendations, people have described these books to be similar to Enid Blyton’s very popular Famous Five (my favourite ever series!) so I was very eager to find out for myself the brilliance of the stories. The characters are interesting – Emily is the most original, in my point of view, Jack is a complete joker, and Scott is the more sensible one. The plot begins when the lead role of an Agent Diamond film (very popular among the children) Savanah Shaw vanishes on set of the film. The crew are filming in the island area (based around a mysterious old Manor House) and are shocked and upset at Savanah’s disappearance – especially Savanah’s overprotective agent Mr Golding, who kicks up a great fuss, getting news reporters in, etc. The children are at once determined to track down the culprit and uncover Savanah’s hiding place. There are plenty of options, it seems – perhaps the Midnight Ghost cast it’s spell on the actress? It is a famous tale that any female entering the room at midnight is cursed and will not be released until her true love arrives. Though it is a silly speculation, one of the group – Emily believes in the tale, perhaps just to keep that option open for Savanah’s vanishing throughout the novel.

The story goes on, and though not much detecting work is completed, clues are as good as handed to them. Mysterious notes from the apparent hand of the curser of the room, reguarly appear and finally the children knuckle down to some work! I’m not going to go too much into any more details but I was slightly disappointed with the rather rushed and unexpected ending. You can find out this for yourself anyway by reading this amusing tale.

I have awarded this book at 3 out of 5 because of it’s sometimes weak personalities of characters, rushed ending and unrealistic legends.


Usually I am going to submit one book review a week, but to get the blog going, two in two days! Thanks for reading and look out for next weeks review which will be posted on Wednesday – based on The Mystery of Pantomime Cat, by Enid Blyton!


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