Hercule Poirot – Character Study


Name: Hercule Poirot

Nationality: Belgian

Occupation: Retired Detective

Hercule Poirot: one of the world’s best-known and most loved fictional detectives ever to be created. The contrast of his original sleuthing techniques and quirky personality result in an entertaining and extremely amusing perspective on Murder Mystery and in my opinion, that is why these books are so popular. As well as Poirot’s ability to solve the most baffling of murders, he also has many other distinctive qualities. His sense of humour, which I think comes across in his consistant hearty outbursts of French. His attention to detail and accuracy is an important factor, but for me, his impressive range of knowledge and experience in the detecting world is the most  engaging and extraordinary ingredients of his personality. During his retirement, Poirot tackles 33 fiendishly baffling cases which make up the series (he also features in 54 short stories), proving most efficient and admirable in each and every one. His calm attitude towards solving a case is extraordinary. How he ‘sits back and thinks’ is such a modest and subtle – yet very effective approach to expressing how ingenious Poirot is.


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