Theophilus Goon – Character Study


Name: Theophilus Goon

Occupation: Policeman

Favourite Phrase: “Clear-Orf!”

Mr Goon, who features in the Find-Outers series by Enid Blyton, is the grumpy village policeman of Peterswood. Despite his role as policeman, Goon is really quite thick and is regularly plagued by the Find-Outers and their cheerful little Scottie – Buster. The children consistently snatch away any chance of praise for Goon from the Inspector Jenks, by overshadowing him dramatically in his ability of solving mysteries, which was rather unfortunate for Goon, who, as a result, was a very grumpy man. To say he was always beaten the finish line by the children, poor Goon did go to some lengths to try and beat them to it: by either disguising himself, creeping out in the dead of the night, or severely forbidding the children’s parents to keep them out of any mischief! Taking into consideration, his hatred for these particular children, he must have had a soft-spot for his nephew, Ern, who is invited round to his house on several occasions. Not to say that he was nice to him! He was in a constant temper with poor Ern and on one occasion (having found a rude poem about himself in Ern’s poetry book) caning him! This wasn’t the first time Goon had lost his temper ‘big-time’ either! In ‘The Mystery of the Strange Bundle’, having been provoked by a mischievous trick played by Frederick, he stuffed a lot of wet clothes down the boy’s neck! An amusing scene, but of course, it didn’t do Goon any favours Anyway, he is a really comical and interesting character to read about, and the amusing competition between him and the Find-Outers is hilarious!


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