Girl, Missing by Sophie McKenzie – a mini-review


Title: Girl, Missing

Author: Sophie Mckenzie

Published: 2006

Age Rating: 12+

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Who Am I? It’s a question which appears so blatanty simple to us, but for Lauren, who features as the main character in this excellent page-turning thriller, it is more complex to answer than you would have thought. This is because she was adopted when she was young and doesn’t know anything about her ‘real parents’. The family she lives with is a typical household: a working dad, a concerned mother and an annoying younger brother, and whilst Lauren is completing her homework, one day, she comes to face this question: which gets her thinking; who actually is she?

It is made clear from the beginning that the option of asking her adoption parents for information about her childhood is useless. Lauren’s mother refuses to speak to her about the matter and anyway… “it was a closed adoption…” And so she decides to take matters into her own hands and make discoveries for herself. Despite her determination to discover her past, at times the plot seems quite far-fetched in my opinion, based purely on some of the lengths Lauren went to with no guarantee of a result.

Anyway, alongside best friend: Jam, Lauren persuades her family to take her on holiday to America, and on arriving there, the two friends run away and catch another plane to Burlington where there promises to be records of Lauren’s adoption. And when they get there, Lauren and Jam break into the adoption place and then manage to get kidnapped!

Anyway, the book is really well written and full of surprises and unexpected twists: there are just certain elements which I found quite far-fetched. But my star-rating sums it up. It is a really enjoyable read.


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