Animal Farm by George Orwell – a review


Title: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Published: 1945

Age Rating: Teenage/ Young Adult

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Animal Farm is a Classic book like no other. It is the ultimate tale of hardship and equality, told from the unique and unusual perspective of a united nation of animals, fighting to be treat as equally as humans.

They are all inhabitants of Manor Farm which is the property of Mr Jones, a lazy, drunken farmer, who is made to seem like quite an unpleasant person. Nevertheless, although some aspects of his personality sound unjust and unfair, he did seem to care for his animals, despite making them work hard throughout the day. For instance, this passage reveals his concern for his farm animals, one night when he hears a noise in the farmyard:

Unfortunately the uproar awoke Mr Jones who sprang out of bed, making sure that  there was a fox in the yard. He seized his gun which always stood in the corner of his bedroom, and let a fly charge of Number 6 shot into the darkness…

Was he concerned about the welfare of his animals, or just the fact that he’d loose out on some money if one came to harm? We’ll never know. Probably the latter, though, because some of Jone’s cruel techniques of work and pain that he forces upon the animals, reflects so concern whatsoever over the welfare of the poor animals.

Though I have not yet finished the book, I am already inspired by the animals united and positive approach to making things more fair and equal. The story reflects such a unique and entertaining perspective on the way we treat animals and it really does make you sit down and think.

Anyway: so far, an extremely amusing and thought-provoking tale. I look forward to reading the outcome!


Anyway, thanks to everyone who has been commenting recently. Christmas is fast-approaching, so I will remind you of the ’24 Books to Get You Feeling Festive’ posts which are coming up (though, you’ve probably already been reminded of that by the header at the top of the page!!)

Next week, a review featuring ‘In the Fifth at Malory Towers’ (Enid Blyton) will be posted. Then I think I will keep quiet and prepare myself for the lead up to Christmas, when I will be posting every day!


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