Emma Dashwood – Character Study

images-3Name: Emma Dashwood
Age: 20
Features in: ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen

‘I am not only not going to be married at present, but have very little intention of marrying at all…’

Emma Woodhouse is a confident and lively young girl with strict intentions for her life ahead, but as established in the above quote: she is quite determined not to get married. Nevertheless, it is clear that Emma thoroughly enjoys pairing up potential couples; some of which proved quite a ‘success’ in the words of Emma. This peculiar hobby is rather looked down upon by her father, who seems quite keen for Emma to settle down, and leave people to find their own future-partners. Despite this, of course, Emma continues speculating and arranging sort of ‘dates’, plunging into an extraordinary journey, eventually learning things the hard way.
Despite her faults, and over-confident ways, Emma’s personality is an interesting one, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her amusing ways in this breath-taking classic. Jane Austen writes with such morality and in such an engaging style, it is impossible to put this book down at times.


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