2nd Day of Advent – Little Women by Louisa M Alcott

little womenTitle: Little Women

Author: Louisa M. Alcott

Published: 1868

“Christmas won’t be Christmas without presents…”

Little Women is the heart-warming classic featuring the March family, and is in my opinion, a must-read at this time of year. Because amongst all the festivities and celebrations at Christmas time, there is a moral to be learnt, and it is told, with excellence in this beautiful family tale. The March family consists of Amy, Beth, Jo, Meg and their hardworking mother: at the beginning of the story, Mr March is absent, because he is away serving as Chaplain in the Civil War. Hence the reason, why the family has to adapt to a new lifestyle; which includes ‘Christmas without presents’. And although the family grumble about the non-existant luxury of a horde of presents, at the start, throughout the story, we see them begin to count their blessings and be grateful for things that they (and we) take forgranted on a regular basis.

Christmas-based Entertainment: Thrifty Gifts


Despite the outlook for a year without presents at the start of the book, Mrs March does treat the children to a small gift, which is in the form of a special book for each of the girls. A book which each of them decide to treasure. But in the way of thrifty gifts for Christmas time, there are lots of ideas that you could make. But keeping with the subject of ‘a book to treasure’, here’s an idea which makes a beautiful Christmas present. And all you need is an old, unwanted book. Follow the instructions below and you will end up with a paper tree, like the one in the the picture to the right.




1. As demonstrated in the initial image, having torn off the front cover, fold the first page like so.

2. As shown in the second image, fold the page again.

3. Fold the overlap (bottom corner) up. Rep. until all pages are folded and you have a nice thick tree.

Christmas Fact:

Ghost Stories on Christmas Eve, was a tradition for many years, until the last century when it seems to have died out.


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