4th Day of Advent – Poppy’s Secret Christmas by Janey Louise Jones


Title: Poppy’s Secret Christmas

Author: Janey Louise Jones

Published: 2006

Poppy’s Secret Christmas is an excellent interactive, and fun storybook for young children. There are plenty of activities inside for the reader to do throughout the festive season, plus a beautiful, seasonal story, featuring popular children’s characters: Poppy and her best friend Honey. We see them; on Christmas Eve, visiting friends and making special Christmas gifts for their Mum and Dad (who are busy in preparation of a Christmas party which the household is hosting). Not only are we entertained by Poppy and Honey’s attempts to make gifts – many of the recipes and insructions on how to make the featured items are also included in the volume – plus a beautiful silk bag. A gorgeous book, and it would make a perfect Christmas Present for each and every little princess out there!

Christmas-based Entertainment: Snowflakes

Now, these aren’t your usual ‘cut-out’ paper snow flakes. These are proper 3D decorations and a ‘must-have’ for your home at Christmastime. Very simple to make and effective.


Complete six of these flakes and staple them together at the centre and hang the completed snowflake in your window!


Christmas Fact:

The largest recorded snowflake was 38cm wide and 20cm thick and fell in 1887 in the USA.


4 thoughts on “4th Day of Advent – Poppy’s Secret Christmas by Janey Louise Jones

    • poppyonkirrinisland says:

      Oh, yes – I love these Princess Poppy books! As well as the gorgeous little stories; the illustrations are fantastic! I’m glad you like the snowflake! Oh, goodness – 20 more to go?!!!


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