5th Day of Advent – An Edwardian Christmas by John Goodall

2061577-1Title: An Edwardian Christmas

Illustrator: John Goodall

Published: 1977

I had planned on saving this fantastic Christmas book to review on Christmas Eve, but then you wouldn’t have had chance to get a copy in time for Christmas and admire the joy and pleasure it contains. This book is like no other I have reviewed so far, here. Because there is actually no writing in it: is is a book of pictures. Every time I flick through these glossy, enthralling pictures, I am animated and captured by their beauty – transported to a different era. Christmas or not, it is a breath-taking book, but during the festivities and joy of Christmas, the book is in it’s prime. I can’t express what you’ re missing if you don’t get a copy in time for Christmas. You can see, on the header at the top of the page, various pictures from this book. Each and every design supplies such a delightful insight into Edwardian Festivities. The perfect Christmas book.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Holly Picking

It is really rather strange how Holly is so strongly associated with Christmas, because usually, just before the festivities begin to descend, and when the bitter nights of frost appear, the Holly Bushes berries begin to fall off, due to the cold weather. Nevertheless, if you do find a good, healthy Holly Bush, unaffected by the frost, collecting the plant is a fantastic Christmas activity. I was lucky enough to discover a lovely Holly Bush up in the Countryside where we live, this year – absolutely full of ripe fruit. Just be careful when you go collecting it, that you aren’t too rough because the berries do fall of easily! I will be demonstrating how to make a reath in the upcoming days of advent, involving holly.



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