6th Day of Advent – Horrid Henry’s Christmas Cracker by Francesca Simon

c18212Title: Horrid Henry’s Christmas Cracker

Author: Francesca Simon

Published: 2006

Throughout this delightfully amusing collection of short stories, we see Horrid Henry tackle many festivities in his familiar, mischievous style. On the lead up to Christmas (with only one motivation on his mind; extra presents!!) Horrid Henry takes part in a school play and although he isn’t the star of it – he most definitely puts on a show!

In Chapter 2, Horrid Henry is preparing his Christmas gifts to give to people, which much reluctance. Why spend all his hard earned pocket money on buying gifts for people? Who ever heard of it it?! And so Henry comes up with a plan to give his family and friends presents, without having to go to expenses. Afterall – it’s the thought that counts!

Chapter 3: Henry decides to get Father Christmas back for all those years he had received all those ridiculous presents and so he decides to set up some traps!

In the next chapter, we see Henry’s more unpleasant and ungrateful personality. Previously in this book, we have only seen him be silly and mischievous, but here, all we see him be selfish and completely self-motivated, criticizing every present he receives and expecting more. And then comes that eventful time of the year – Christmas Lunch… What has Henry got in store this time?

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Table Decorations

No table is complete at Christmas time without these wonderful table decorations and they are really effective and beautiful.

table decorations
Christmas Facts:
An old wive’s tale says that any bread baked on Christmas Eve will never go mouldy!


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