8th Day of Advent – The Rat-a-Tat Mystery by Enid Blyton


Title: The Rat-a-Tat Mystery

Author: Enid Blyton

Published: 1956

Ooh, doesn’t this front cover make you feel cold? Not only the pale sky and snowy outlook, but the fact that the children are dressed in knee length shorts and skirts on a cold winter’s day! Being the fifth book in the wonderful Barney series, we are reintroduced a variety of very unique and amusing characters: Barney, the circus boy, who in the previous title, had been reunited with his father, whom he had been searching so desperately for, for years. Snubby, who has no parents and Diana and Roger Lynton. The children, courtesy of Barney’s father, get invited to an old, exciting house in the centre of a snowy hillside. A house which is riddled with legends and stories. Stories of hammerings of the great door-knocker in the dead of the night, said to be indicating there being a traitor in tns house. And then one night, when everyone is asleep:


A wonderful story featuring a very eerie and spooky mystery, and some wonderful scenes of the children enjoying the snow and ice.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Ice Skating

Probably best if you don’t go skating on the local pond, as the children did in this book, but if you can get to a good ice rink, ice skating is a wonderful, festive activity. We are quite spoilt, really: there are three ice rinks (two temporary throughout the winter months) within a quick drive from us, and it is quite a regular activity that we go and do in the winter. It takes a lot of patience and a lot off falling over to learn! but the result is fantastic. Enjoy!


Christmas Fact: 

Ice Skate blades were originally made from animal bones and strapped to the feet!


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