9th Day of Advent – Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

140px-Gangsta_Granny_CoverTitle: Gangsta Granny

Author: David Walliams

Published: 2011

First impressions on seeing the title and front cover? Well, it looks very modern and sketchy, doesn’t it? Not something I’d usually pick up and read, really, but the story inside, is actually quite surprising. It is a tale of family and friendship, secrets and surprises: enwoven, and sprinkled with jokes to disguise the moral it expresses. The story features a young boy called Ben, who hates going to see his Granny.


She is a typical Granny (or so he thinks) as described in the illustration to the right, and Ben dreads going to see her and putting up with her ways: Cabbage Soup, Scrabble, and no television!

But one day he is astonished to discover a biscuit tin full of diamonds and jewellery! The jewellery made him curious and more eager to come to his Granny’s house. Were the diamonds real?

A brilliant story and a very important lesson. The book ends on a wonderful Christmas-finale.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Nativity

Setting up a nativity is great fun. It is very fun way of understanding what happened all that time ago, and why we celebrate Christmas today.



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