13th Day of Advent – Father Christmas and the Donkey by Elizabeth Clarke

DonkeyTitle: Father Christmas and the Donkey

Author: Elizabeth Clarke

Published: 1995

There was a little shivery, silvery twinkling in the air, a tiny, far-off sound as if the stars above were tingling. It came nearer and nearer still. 

When Father Christmas sends his reindeer home early, one year, he needs someone to carry his heavy sack of presents for him. And little does he know what a treat he provides ‘the old shaggy donkey’ with when he asks him to carry it for him! This wonderful book is sparkling with beautiful description and sprinkled with touching lines. We see the donkey’s incredible journey alongside the magical Father Christmas, on Christmas Eve. We can almost feel the frost on our fingertips, and hear the snow crunching, deliciously, beneath us. A beautifully flowing and interesting read.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Reindeer Farm

The UK isn’t the nost ideal home for a reindeer: the environment isn’t quite right for them, but they are beautiful animals, and if there is a reindeer farm within reasonable distance from you, it is well worth visiting it. My family and I went to Beamish today, where there are six gorgeous reindeer; all very tame. They were letting us stroke them, and eating out of our hands!



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