17th Day of Advent – The Six Bad Boys by Enid Blyton

the-six-bad-boys-3Title: The Six Bad Boys

Author: Enid Blyton

Published: 1951

Not only does Enid narrate a thrilling and suspenseful adventure story, enwoven with some emotional and touching scenes in this fantastic, festive book, but – as discovered by Barbara Stoney (written about indepthly in Stoney’s Biography about Blyton) perhaps Enid based some of the featured happenings on her own childhood? We witness, throughout this book, a range of household life, and are introduced to a variety of fascinating characters; all from different backgrounds: the main ones being Bob Kent and Tom Berkely, who’s issues at home lead them to endeavour security and friendship elsewhere, and when they move to Lappington, a town beside a canal, they find that companionship that they had strived to find for so long. Both boys become involved in a Gang, which consequently influences crime on Bob and Tom. This wintery, seasonal read is a fantastic story and well worth reading: especially at this time of year. I must warn you, though; the end always has me in tears when one of the Gang transforms their hideout into a Christmas wonderland.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: More Tree Decor

Despite smashing a bauble at the weekend and cutting my finger to shreds in my attempts to clear it up (I highly recommend that you don’t hang glass baubles on your tree) I still felt inspired, yesterday evening to decorate some of our old, spare baubles. All you need is some glitter glue, an old bauble and some patience!! It’s also a good idea to decopage them in paper. I especially love the ones coated in pages from a book. I’m afraid I can’t seem to upload any photos of them, so I’ll leave it to you and your imagination.

Festive Facts: 

The Germans made the first artificial Christmas trees out of dyed Goose feathers.


2 thoughts on “17th Day of Advent – The Six Bad Boys by Enid Blyton

  1. walter raleigh says:

    Wonderful to see you’re still going with this Poppy! A good few Blytons sprinkled in too I see. Love all the Christmas hints and facts as well. Only eight left now!


  2. poppyonkirrinisland says:

    Thanks Walter! Yes it was nice to review a few Christmas Blyton books: there’s still a couple more to go. Eight doesn’t sound too bad now. Special Edition on Christmas Eve: I will be including a Ghost Story which I have written, keeping in with the tradition.

    Keep updated!!


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