18th Day of Advent – A Highland Christmas by M.C.Beaton

6978083Title: A Highland Christmas

Author: M.C.Beaton

Published: 2010

…so many people are fleeing Christmas. Fed up with the fact that commercial Christmas starts in October. Fed up with carols. Dreading the arrival of Christmas cards from people they have forgotten to send a card to… 

For the residents of Lochdubh, Christmas is just another day. A day packed with unwelcome tradition and celebration. A day to indicate that another year has been and gone. And a special day which could also be classed as just another money-making scheme. Which is unfortunate because I was rather looking forward to reading about the cosy highland traditions and festivities of Christmastime. Nevertheless: it is an extremely entertaining and animating read, featuring several amusing characters, and not so shocking a crime as you might have expected if you have read any of M.C.Beaton’s other books. Basicly, there are two plotlines running through this book: one being the disappearance of old Mrs Gallagher’s cat. And the other being the apparent theft of the neighbouring village: Cnothan’s Christmas tree and lights. All very amusing and enjoyable to read about. Highly recommended for this time of year.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Gift Wrapping

Has everyone else been busy wrapping? We have recently spent several hours wrapping: here is a quick demonstration on how to embellish your gifts with a bit of decoration.



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