19th Day of Advent – Frozen (Disney Book)

Disney-frozen-book-4Title: Frozen

Author: Uncredited

Published: 2013

The film: Frozen has been a worldwide success and main characters: Elsa and Anna have enchanted millions of children across the globe. This book is a magical narration of the story and includes lots of pictures taken from the film itself, and is in a beautiful hardback format. A perfect gift for any lover of the film. The text is animating; it records the story in such a friendly and intriguing way, and the vocabulary is suitable for a range of age groups. Briefly the story features a young girl called Elsa who’s icy powers lead her to seek isolation to conceal her unusual power. Faithfully, her sister steps in to help her, but can she prove to everyone that her sister’s powers aren’t deliberately destructive before it is too late?

Christmas Based Entertainment: Knit a Scarf

Has anyone been doing any knitting, recently? I always find that it is an excellent activity to do in the winter when it is too cold to go outside, etc. Anyway, for all you beginners: a scarf is an ideal project this winter. All you need to do is cast on 45 stitches (personalize this to your own intentions for the scarf) and knit!! Just be careful that you don’t loose any stitches; keep frequently counting to see that you haven’t missed any, and just enjoy! You could also try and crochet a scarf. Good luck and let me know how you get on.


One thought on “19th Day of Advent – Frozen (Disney Book)

  1. FROZENFAN2015(my real name is Anna) says:

    Frozen is my favorite movie! I have watched it like: 100 times! Could you review the Book of the Movie? This is fav my book..? :-):-):-):-):-)
    From Anna Tervitt. Xx 🙂


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