22nd Day of Advent – Shhh! by Julie Sykes

shhhpopTitle: Shhh!

Author: Julie Sykes

Illustrator: Tim Warnes

Published: 1996

A heart warming story, following the busy journey of Santa Clause on Christmas Eve: travelling from house to house and forgetting in his excitement and joy, to be quiet and “Not to wake the children”. He is helpfully and humorously reminded, however, by his reindeer, the cat, the snowman, the dog and the kitten and the text has the reader in stitches, when some of jolly old Santa Clause’s antics are described! The story is made even more special and magical by some of the lively and jolly illustrations, which are a  joy to see. The depictions of the reindeer are my favourite, I think! Definitely a great book for a small child to read on Christmas Eve. You can even get a ‘Pop-up’ version of the book, which is a great interactive option of discovering this story.

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Make Cards

Bit late, maybe? But I’ve recently, very much enjoyed drawing my own Christmas cards and it is a wonderful, creative activity:

IMG_20141222_030305_1Or you could even create your own, personalized card online. This one features my dog, Dino!!

My Painting



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