23rd Day of Advent – A Christmas Wish by Enid Blyton


Title: A Christmas Wish [originally: The Lost Wishing Cap]

Author: Enid Blyton

Published [individually]: 1993

This is the ultimate, delightful Christmas tale, featuring a young boy: Sam, the eldest of nine children, and his struggles to provide them with a magical Christmas, despite the family’s financial issues. ‘Mother’ has been poorly for some time, and ‘Father’ died several years beforehand. But Sam clearly is an optimistic and cheerful young boy, and we see him work hard for the money to buy his deepest desire: a perfect Christmas for the family. But then, reality descends, and Sam realizes that he will not be able to save enough money to buy all the things he needs and Sam’s excitement and hopes vanish. And then, on his way home, on Christmas Eve, he finds a cap:

Sam picked it up and looked at it by the light of his lamp. It was made of soft red velvet, trimmed with white fur…

Christmas-Based Entertainment: Ice Cakes


We had great fun decorating our Christmas Cake, the other day. Do you like it?!

Tomorrow, I’m going to be posting something a little bit different because it is Christmas Eve: a festive Ghost Story, keeping in with the old tradition. I hope you will enjoy it.


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