Tutorial: Dust-Jacket Protection

For Christmas, recently, I received 20m of clear plastic dust-jacket protection which I was eager to try out, to preserve my old dust jackets. Because, bizarrely: some book dealers now claim that the jacket (considering it’s condition) is worth more than the book itself! At first, I was a bit baffled on how to use this handy material, but thankfully, I was guided my my local antique book shop dealer – but at the time I would have appreciated an online tutorial, so now, I am going to do my best to provide you with one – all those who have bought a roll and are at loss on how to use it! My parents shopped on eBay.co.uk and bought something similar to this and although the dealer helpfully supplied a youtube tutorial, I became even more confused, when I saw how complex the process appeared. Anyway – here is a collage and you can match the number of the step, to the number of the instruction:


1. Here are the things you will need: the book, the plastic, ruler, scissors. Ignore the many tools that Youtube clips claim are necessary. 2. Lay out the open dust jacket on the plastic. Tip: to save on the plastic, on the flaps inside the book, only cover, half way. It is just as effective. 3. Cut the plastic to the required length. It cuts easily, and similarly to wrapping paper, you can just slide the scissors along without ‘chopping’ unevenly. 4. There should be an overlap, both at the top and bottom of the dust jacket. Carefully fold it inwards. 5. Slide a ruler along for a clean fold. Do the same at the bottom and top. 6. Place the book’s spine on the dust jacket spine and fold the front and back cover in, and the flaps inside the book – essentially holding the jacket and protector in place. 7. The dust jacket and protector should now be secured and your book is now protected, without the need to stick or glue. The protector can easily be removed, but will stay in place, while you want it to. Goodluck!


2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Dust-Jacket Protection

    • poppyonkirrinisland says:

      I’d highly recommend it – it works excellently, and ideally it isn’t permanent. You can take the plastic off, really easily.


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