Mini Review: Death of a Witch by M.C.Beaton

7432722Title: Death of a Witch

Author: M.C.Beaton

Published: 2009

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I was thrilled to return to Lochdubh again, recently, after my Christmas read, late last year, and rediscover all the amusing characters again, that make up these excellent books. Hamish Macbeth is back, of course, striving to carry out his faithful duties as Policeman, and – surprise, surprise… there’s another murderer on the loose. But to be a murderer in these books, there has to be a victim. Meet Catriona Beldame:

“She’s very tall, as tall as you, and she has a queer sort of medieval face, very white, and yellowish brown eyes with heavy white lids. She has a long thin nose and a small mouth.”

All I will add is that Catriona is known to sell potions throughout the village, and that Hamish is determined to put an end to the herbal medicines that she supplies.

Although the title suggests a single murder episode, a further three murders follow up the mysterious murder of Catriona, which concocts a highly compelling read. As the story progresses, Hamish finds himself being desired by several women which distracts him from the crime in concern.

As a contrast, meanwhile Hamish is aware of a local poacher, which he has to inquire about – but are these seemingly unconnected occurrences as they seem?

Overall, I love the amusing village life evolving around Lochdubh and I look forward to reading more books in this series.


Coming up very soon will be my review of Robin Steven’s brand new book: ‘Arsenic for Tea’, which I am reading at the moment. It is an excellent book and I can’t wait to reflect on it, in a post here.


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