Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

MockingjayKatniss Everdeen is slowly becoming aware of a revolution unfolding around her. An uprising which everyone around her has played a part in preparing. A battle against the capitol that Katniss has only just been informed of. She is living in District 13, along with all the other rebels and is finding it difficult to adjust to reality after her horrendous struggle for survival in the arena during the Quarter Quell. Katniss is also struggling to accept that Peeta and several others have been kidnapped by the Capitol and are evidently being tortured for details about the rebellion. In order to contribute towards rescuing Peeta and the others, she has only one option: and that is to become the Mockingjay. The symbol of rebellion. And under several strict conditions, Katniss is prepared to accept the role and fight for the freedom of all the good people living under the ruthless rule of President Snow.

District 13 is led by President Coin, a responsible and dutiful woman. Plutarch and Haymitch are there, playing a crucial role in the rebellion, but we are left guessing about other characters such as Katniss’s stylist – Cinna, and Effie Trinket.

Suzanne Collins emphasises a major twist on most the characters personalities. Clearly Peeta is almost unrecognisable, for instance having been “hijacked” and turned into a sort of mutt by the capitol. But there are other, deeper changes in some of the other characters personalities. Katniss seems to be changed forever, whilst recovering from a seemingly irreversible spiral of hardship forced upon her by two nightmarish Hunger Games. Prim, Katniss’s sister, seems to have grown up all too fast from the apprehensive young girl in the first book, to a strong and reliable young woman in the third book. Haymitch manages to actually stay sober for a while, which is quite unknown to him! And Beetee, a tribute from the Quarter Quell, is disabled after being electrocuted in the arena, but he still remains the amazing technology mastermind that he previously was, and supports the rebellion excellently by hacking into the Capitol’s televisions and broadcasting footage of the rebellion.

Following Peeta’s courageous and selfless actions in warning District 13 that the Capitol is waging an attack, 13 set out to rescue all those kidnapped by the Capitol including Peeta, Joanna and Annie and return with all hostages – unharmed.

The rebellion is going so well, but the biggest and most forbidding task lies ahead. Killing President Snow. One of Katniss’s conditions of being the Mockingjay was to kill President Snow and she is determined to stick to this. And so when a mission leads the rebels to the Capitol, Katniss and her allies (including Gale and Peeta) ignore their instructions and set off on a journey to Snow’s mansion with the intention of killing him. But will they be successful or does a dark fate lie ahead?

To be really honest, I was slightly disappointed with the ending of Mockingjay, if anything. The last 40 pages or so of the book seemed to be fast-forwarded, and I had to read back several times to keep up with some of the occurrences. The outcome of the trilogy (not for Katniss, but for Coin and Gale) seemed quite weird, really. -Just a quick spoiler warning in case you haven’t read the book.- Gale just doesn’t seem to care about Katniss anymore, which is strange considering their lifelong friendship. And although I could understand that Katniss was angry with Coin, I’m sure she could have spared her life. But anyway, in most respects: an excellent ending to an excellent trilogy.


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