May’s Library Haul

I’ve been to the Library a couple of times, this month so far. I’ve had quite a readathon! Sadly, last month’s Library Haul was quite hard to put together, so I am attempting to write it and arrange it in a different way this month, so here goes:

Animating Maria – M.C.Beaton
I just couldn’t resist another M.C.Beaton book! This one is the fifth book in The School For Manners series, and is about two chaperones – Amy and Effy Tribble. So far I am about 30 pages in, and I am thoroughly enjoying it! It is a completely different style to M.C.Beaton’s usual murder-mystery books; I almost forgot, actually that the book was by her. Evidently each book deals with a ‘wild’ or ‘unruly’ girl, who needs to be disciplined in order to get a respectable husband. The books record the amusing journeys the Tribble sisters go through in their attempts to discipline their clients. M.C.Beaton’s humorous style and excellent wit makes the stories very enjoyable reading. I intend to write a full review about this story once I have finished reading it. Edit Since writing this small summary, I came very bored by this book, and had to put it down. In my opinion, it became very slow and boring.

The Real Witches’ Handbook – Kate West
Don’t worry! – I’m not training to be a witch or anything: this book is purely for research. I am writing a novel at the moment set in the era that sorcery was believed in (details strictly concealed at the moment!!), and I decided to borrow this book for research. I find subjects like this absolutely fascinating. Learning about the trials that accused witches were condemned to. About the signs of being a witch. I haven’t actually had a good look at the book yet, but I’ve got it beside me, and it is described as A Complete Introduction to the Craft for Both Young and Old. Sounds intriguing!

I Am Number Four
I picked up this book with the intention of borrowing it, based purely on the blurb, which grabbed me immediately. I did read a paragraph or so in the Library, but I didn’t think much of it. And so I but my faith in the Blurb and took it away with me. I haven’t looked at it since: I haven’t got it handy at the moment, so I have just looked it up to take a second look at the blurb. Along with the blurb, I saw descriptions of ‘aliens and guardians’, which doesn’t really interest me, but I’ll give it a try for something different.

The Maze Runner – John Dashner
I went to my local library the other day looking for this book, having discovered that it is similar to the Hunger Games trilogy. It looks like an intriguing read about a boy called Thomas who wakes up in what appears to be a strange metal room. He can barely remember his first name. I am guessing that the story is going to follow his journey – trying to survive in this big metal maze. I will definitely review this one when I have read it. The first chapter was very compelling.


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