The Malory Towers Series by Enid Blyton

Sophie’sbestbooks is an excellent wordpress blog all about books. There is some fantastic posts there so make sure you take a look at Sophie’s brilliant book blog, but for now, I have chosen to reblog this post about Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series, just because I think it is so well written and these are some of my very favourite books which I have not yet reviewed, myself. Anyway – here is Sophie’s post about the Malory Towers books:


Last year I read all 6 books in the Malory Towers set.  They were written a long time ago. My mum read them when she was a little girl.  The got new copies because the covers look better than my mums old ones!

The main character is Darrell Rivers.  She is determined and she is loyal to her friends.  Darrell has lots of adventures at her boarding school. The stories are about her and her friends.  They do pranks, they have big arguments, some of the teachers are nice and some are not so nice.

I think a girls boarding school is a really good setting for a book.  There are no parents there to keep an eye on them which is good for the story (but there are bossy and strict teachers!).

I liked the Malory Towers books because they were good fun to read, their friendships were good…

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