Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

coraline_movie-t2Title: Coraline
Author: Neil Gaiman
Published: 2002
Star Rating: 4/5

Coraline is a deliciously twisted and wonderfully unique tale by author: Neil Gaiman. It is a chilling children’s story with a difference – it combines two worlds, one which seems reasonably ordinary, and one which is almost exactly the same, but as the reader soon finds out, it is sprinkled with both magic and evil.

At the beginning of the book, we see the Jones’ family move in: an eccentric, yet slightly dull family, to ‘the pink palace’ which is not as it sounds – it is simply a quite large, but a quite (seemingly) ordinary house. Coraline, of course, is the main character and at first she is quite bored by the new house. Her parents are the authors of a Garden catalog and are mostly occupied by writing it, and so Coraline is left to herself. And from that spirals a dangerous adventure involving a secret door, mice, a doll and an ‘other mother’…

Coraline first finds the tiny door when her father tells her to look around the house and ‘go count all the windows and doors. List everything that’s blue…’ And when she opens it, it is all bricked up. It is at nighttime that it all comes alive and ‘the other parents’ become a reality. Coraline’s other mother and father appear to be exactly the same as her normal parents, but really, they are designed to lure the vulnerable young girl in, and be everything she wants them to be. The only different is that they have button eyes and as Coraline later discovers… an unmistakable evil streak.

This is an excellent story for all those who love a good old intriguing fantasy tale. Very enjoyable.
A week as today is the first anniversary of Poppy’s Best of Books. I really can’t believe it – it seems as if the year as flown by! To celebrate, I am going to post a collection of my own work for a change (including poetry and short stories), so look out for that! Thanks for reading.


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