Stories Of Our Own

typeAs well as reading, another big hobby of mine is to write stories of my own and I have always dreamed about having one of my novels published, ever since I can remember. The joy of seeing your work in print must be a very proud feeling, and to have so much feedback on your writing would be a dream come true for me. I have had several short stories published in anthologies and collections, which is a lovely thing, but a book of my own would be amazing!

So far, I have written three full-length novels, all of different genres. When I was younger, I was convinced that I wanted to write children’s books, but so far, none of my novels have been especially based for young people: I would put them all in the Young Adult bracket for complexity and considerable gore in my Horror story! I have loved writing them all – I think it is the one hobby I favour more than reading!

Just because, for me it is just like reading a story, but taking full responsibility for it, and deciding exactly which way I want it to go. It’s a really fun and creative task I think, and I love the excitement of thinking of a new idea and thinking of all the potential that could do into it – all the imagination that could make it a great read.

Being an author strikes me as a dream-job; it is such an open and imaginative role and the fact that really, nothing is right or wrong in fiction leaves so much potential for writers. I really hope that one day, I will be an author and have this highly exciting and fun job!


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