Five Places I’d Rather Be Reading Right Now

This beautiful spot in Karuizawa, Japan. It looks so peaceful and idyllic. I’d love to sit on one of those low branches of that tree, with a good book at hand, and read whilst glancing at the beautiful lake in front of me!


This gorgeous misty spot on the Noosa River, Australia. What beautiful surroundings! I’d love to float gradually downstream in that lovely little rowing boat whilst enjoying one of my favourite books. Maybe I wouldn’t get much reading done, though, I’d be too busy admiring them surroundings.


In this amazing blossom woodland in Tokyo. It looks so tranquil and relaxing and I would love to dip into a good book whilst sat amongst a confetti shower. 


Sat at the end of this lovely pier in Indonesia, watching the sunset and hearing the gentle trickle of the waves. Lighting a cosy little lantern when it gets too dark and enjoying the peacefulness of the early nighttime.


In one of the meadows in this photo in Tuscany. From this point, I could see so many beautiful views and inhale the delicious scent of the flowers and grass. I can’t decide whether this is a photo or a piece of art…?



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