Please Note – New Web Address!!!

What a stressful morning! I decided to change the website address of my blog from to an address of more relevance to the content of my blog: not anticipating that all the URLs on the site would become faulty! At last I’ve sorted it out by erasing and re writing all of the links on the sidebar thanks to the accessibility of Widgets on my dashboard. I will never, ever try to do that again though. Phew! So please note that the link you should now follow is this one: I hope I won’t loose any of many readers as a result of the change and that you will all be redirected here. I must admit that my blogging life did flash across my eyes this morning and I one point I feared that I might not be writing another post for Poppy’s Best of Book. Thank goodness that this did not become a reality! Have a nice day everyone, and as I said, I hope I haven’t lost any of my much valued readers in the process of my stupid decision to change the identity of this site. :-):-)


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