Review: A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscomb

bookTitle: A Visitor’s Companion to Tudor England

Author: Suzannah Lipscomb

Star Rating: 3/5

This is the first non-fiction book that I have reviewed here on Poppy’s Best of Books – it is a fascinating guide to Tudor England by Suzannah Lipscomb. I stumbled across this book in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago. It was £1.50 in a Dogs Trust shop and I snapped it up. A donation to Dogs and a fantastic new book to read! I wasn’t disappointed. This book is beautifully formatted in a striking hardcover, and inside it is peppered with illustrations.

I actually assumed that it was going to be a bit more aimed at younger children around the 9-12yr mark, but Lipscomb obviously intended for it to be a book for people who already knew a lot about the Tudors. The only inconvenience for me was that I had to Google a couple of references to things that I had never heard of (and Lipscomb offered no explanation for). But it encouraged me to do extra research which can only be a good thing, surely? I already had quite a good general knowledge of the Tudor period before I picked up this book, but I have learnt so much since discovering it.

This book is really aimed at people who wanted to go on a journey around England discovering all of the Tudor places and buildings. This wasn’t my intention and I didn’t really expect this, but every chapter is devoted to a Tudor place. Suzannah Lipscomb describes over fifty Tudor locations in this fascinating journey through history.

I haven’t actually read it all. I decided that I was going to do a bit more research on the Tudors first and bolster my knowledge of the Tudors before I begin on this book again, in which case I won’t have to keep referring to Wikipedia (ha, ha!) and I can read it smoothly, knowing quite well what the author is going on about!

I would recommend this book (naturally) to a Tudor genius, a historian, or someone really eager to learn everything about the Tudors. Not necessarily someone like me who just fancied a bit of light reading about the Tudors. But, nevertheless, it is a lovely book and I think it might come in handy in a couple of years or something. 🙂

EDIT: Wow! This is my 100th post on Poppy’s Best of Books!! I can’t believe it!! Thank you to all my readers – I literally wouldn’t have got to this point (nor would there have been any point to) without you and your support. Big thank you to all of you.


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