My Sister’s ‘The Woman In Black’-inspired Halloween Outfit

Halloween is almost upon us! Which for me, means one thing. Late nights reading scary books under the covers! But this year, I have also been very busy with another project. I was honoured with the exciting task of creating my sister a Halloween costume (we don’t use the shop bought ones; making costumes is the best part of Halloween!) I suggested a lot of things to her, which she immediately declined. She didn’t want to look stupid, she said. She is ten years old, she is fussy (very, very fussy), and she has got a name for herself for her brilliant Halloween costumes (my Mum has made her some great ones over the years which she has even won prizes for!). But for a bit of a project and something different to write a blog post about, I thought that I would make her a book-inspired costume.

Before I go any further, I should inform my American readers that Halloween isn’t such a massively big deal here in Britain. We celebrate it, yes, but for instance – teens aren’t expected to dress up (unfortunately for me!!) So my younger sister – Annie, is our little model and she agrees to dress up just as we dress her! He he he!!Β She has had some BRILLIANT costumes over the years: a freaky doll with button eyes (sewn on to a foot of a tight which she pulled over her head!), a scary ghost girl. So there was a bit of pressure on me this year to do well.

There were so many options but my brainwave was: the woman in black! It ticked all the boxes: scary, mature and quite easy to put together. Susan Hill’s famous ghost character always has me on the edge of my seat. I love this Susan Hill-horror book. I’ve read it, seen the film and I’ve even been to see it at the theatre! πŸ™‚ I know the story very well and I thought that the woman in black was the perfect image for my sister, this Halloween. I always think the costumes with no lavish amount of blood dripping off them and no tacky gory features are the most effective.

This one is minimalistic, modest, yet surprisingly creepy! We made it out of old neglected black garments which we found in our sewing-materials drawer – and I made the bonnet myself (very proud of that! I made it out of my dog’s old plastic cone collar and some black fabric) The veil is made out of some net – so the price ended up being only a couple of pounds which was spent on the net! The rest of the materials, we already had. So, my sister has given me the permission to post a picture of her outfit here on my blog. She is thrilled with how she looks and can’t wait to go out scaring people! I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks fantastic (if I don’t say so myself!) So, what do you think??? β†’




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