Review: Me Being Me Is Exactly As Insane As You Being You by Todd Hasak-Lowly


Well the titles’ a bit of a mouthful, but what really appealed to me was the originality of the format of this unique and highly individual book. It is a book like no other that I have ever come across. It is a story told entirely in lists! It is weird how well it actually works and the originality of the idea is exciting. But the conclusion I came to was that: would I have been so thrilled with this book if the narrative was the ordinary kind? – no. Definitely not. The story was weak in my opinion, the storyline centred around a boy (called Darren Jacobs) dealing with issues such as:

1) Being Single
2) His brother moving away to college
3) Discovering that his dad is gay

Not normally topics I read about, but just the fact that the story is made up entirely of lists really intrigued me and I found myself really caught up in it and actually enjoying the story at points.

It was really fast to get through, even though it appears to be quite a big book. The lists varied in size: some were long and rambling, and some consisted of very short and straightforward answers, but what I found really extraordinary, was how effectively the concept of the book being told in lists, actually worked. I didn’t expect to bond with the characters through lists, but I did. I didn’t expect that the storyline could go very far through lists, but it did. I suppose I thought it would be hard to express much in this format, but it well and truly worked, and it was a really unusual book and the telling of it in lists was a very creative idea.

I also didn’t expect much emotion to show within this book, but the reader becomes very understanding of Darren’s situation and it was very insightful and humourous at times. I think it would be very comforting for someone in the same circumstance to experience Darren’s views. A really interesting book. To be honest, I probably won’t go hunting down books by the same author. It was a good book whilst it lasted, but I’ve had enough of that genre for the time being. I’m glad I read it though. 🙂


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