Review: Alice by Christina Henry


The idea of this book really excited me when I first heard about it. Everything about it from the gorgeous front cover to the unusual, gripping blurb really appealed to me, and the book was promptly put on my Christmas list! When one of my relatives presented me with a copy on Christmas day, I could hardly wait to read it and satisfy my curiosity about the book.

I am a massive fan of both Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland and horror stories, so the combination here was spot-on for me! After reading Lewis Carroll’s carefree tale of fantasy and colourful descriptions of Wonderland, this new twist on the original tale came as quite a surprise to me. I didn’t expect the book to be so gruesome, to be honest. Christina Henry transformed the classic well-known tale of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland into a dark and cunning world of violence and intrigue.

Alice is nolonger the innocent young girl exploring Wonderland, she is the damaged mad woman haunted by nightmares of a strange Rabbit. She belongs in the Asylum: ‘When they found her all she would say was: “The Rabbit. The Rabbit. The Rabbit” Over and over. When she acted like that they said she was mad. Alice knew she wasn’t mad. Maybe. Not deep down.’

Throughout the book, small pieces of information about her time in Wonderland are revealed, mainly in dreams, making Alice believe that she is in fact mad. When she escapes from the Asylum with her friend: Hatcher, Alice feels free. But for everything to be right, she must put faith in Hatcher and embark on a quest with him to slay the Jabberwock.

Alice is a really compelling and clever tale and I really loved how the author so carefully referred back to the original tale and crafted such an interesting and original story out of it. It worked really well and I am so excited about the upcoming sequel to this: Red Queen. Christina Henry is a really clever author, and I think that the idea wouldn’t have worked half as well if she hadn’t crafted the story. Definitely one that I will re-read at some point, too. 🙂


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