A Browse in the Bookshops

It was nice to retreat from the cold outdoors into a cosy bookshop today, and many treasures were there waiting for me! The first book which caught my eye today was a very intriguing looking book called The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School.


From what I gathered about the book, it sounds to me like a combination of books such as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs) and The Accident Season (MoΓ―ra Fowley-Doyle) . That sort of fantasy, sci-fi sort of fiction. From the blurb, I understood that Drearcliff Grange School is a boarding school for unusual children (sound a bit familiar, fans of Ransom Riggs??) However, I will be interested to read this book. I love that sort of quirky, original sort of story.


Next is a book called The Sisters by Claire Douglas. I really like the front cover of this one and the simple, but intriguing line: One Lied, one died. It sounds like a potentially good thriller, and, as I’m into thrillers lately after reading the excellent The Girl on the Train, I would certainly be interested in this book. Admittedly, it wasn’t enough to tempt me to buy it, however – unlike the following book.


Before I go to Sleep by S.J.Watson has been around since 2011 and it is about a woman who has memory difficulties. Every night when she goes to sleep, she basically forgets her whole life. In order to remember some things, she keeps a notebook and writes in it. I think, one day she opens the notebook and finds a message telling her not to trust her husband. How intriguing! I can’t wait to read this one! I’ll be reviewing it here very shortly to tell you my thoughts.


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