Discussion: How Do You Feel When You Finish A Book?

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“How Do You Feel When You Finish A Book?”

This is my first book-related discussion post, and I thought that this was an interesting question that could prompt some varied and interesting answers. Lately, I’ve been thinking about this carefully, because I’ve started to feel differently when I’ve come to the end of a book…

Let’s Set the Scene:

You’re enjoying a book; you’re really caught up in it, so much so that you don’t see the end coming! You are comfortable with the story, you’ve gotten used to the style of writing, you’re almost ‘friends’ with the characters, and then ‘bam’: the end hits you like a brick wall. How do you feel?

My Experience:

Without a book to read, I am completely lost! You don’t know what a comfort or what a safety net a book is until you’re stuck for a few days without one! It’s something which you can turn to if you have a spare half an hour – something to pass time, and something to look forward to. When I finish a book, I usually start a new one straight away, but often I feel that I am so attached to the writing style or the genre, that I just want to start it all over again! I think the experience is very similar to moving house or getting a new pair of jeans. At first, you’re just not sure, but then you gradually get used to it, and take foregranted the fact that you’re enjoying it or that you appreciate it, and then before you know it, you’re moving into a different house – or you need a new pair of jeans!

So usually when I finish a book, I feel a bit like a little kid who is really attached to their mother – and then they go and abandon them at a nursery, or something! Β I feel lost for a few days until I really get into my new book – and the cycle starts all over!

How About You?

How do you feel when you finish a book?

Do you start a new one straight away?

Is it usually one quite similar to your previous book?

How do you feel when you finish a much-loved series?

Have you ever finished a book and loved it so much that you finished it and turned straight back to the first page?

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts!


11 thoughts on “Discussion: How Do You Feel When You Finish A Book?

  1. FictionFan says:

    I’m usually reading a few books at any given time, so I don’t really ever have that between-books feeling. Mostly I’m OK about finisihing and happily move on. It’s only if a book really blows me away – like Toni Morrison’s Beloved did recently – that I struggle to get into a new one for a bit. I usually have to turn to something light or a re-read of a favourite when that happens. Good topic! πŸ™‚

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  2. thebookreviewpage says:

    I think it depends a lot on how the book ends. I just finished The Woman in Black by Susan Hill but I knew the end was coming and felt it was the right place to finish the story so I was fine with it. When I read One Day by David Nicholls however I felt completely lost and really quite sad. That was the only book that I’ve ever wanted to turn to page 1 and start again straight away, but I didn’t – I have far too many things on my reading list for that!

    I do tend to start the next book the same day I finished the last usually just to take that feeling of emptiness away, and like you said, I feel like it’s my comfort blanket so I always need one on the go.

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  3. Helen Jones says:

    If it’s a book I love I feel completely torn, in that I’m pleased I know how the story ends, yet sad that I can’t read more. I’ve been known to draw out the final few chapters, savouring every page, just so I can live a little longer in that world. I do re-read my books though, so at least I know when I finish that I can go back to the story any time I like.

    My daughter is refusing to finish the final chapters of the Magic Faraway Tree because she loves the books so much, she doesn’t want them to end. πŸ˜€

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    • Poppy says:

      Hi Helen, thanks for commenting! Yes, I like to draw out the last few chapters of a book I love, too! And aw, I know how your daughter feels – I love the Faraway Tree! πŸ˜€ You could get her the ‘Wishing Chair’ books (also by Enid Blyton) which are quite similar, and might ease the pain of finishing the Faraway Tree books for her! πŸ™‚

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