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BFF Book TagHi everyone, I was tagged by Sophie the Book Worm to do the BFF Book Tag! Thank you, Sophie! 🙂 Have a look at Sophie’s blog – it’s great!

Setting the example: a pair of book BFFs that you love.

It’s got to be Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. What an amazing friendship they have! They are always causing mischief and having a laugh together, and backing each other up, and they create the most hilarious scenes in the Harry Potter books!

Childhood bestie: which book character would you have liked to have grown up with?

Primrose Everdeen (Prim) from the Hunger Games. She sounds like a brave, quiet, thoughtful and friendly character – someone who would be the perfect friend for me! I really liked the fact that she cared so much about her sister, and the fact that she was always so determined to help and stuff. She’s a really nice character, and I think it’s a shame we didn’t hear more about her, in the Hunger Games books.

Frenemy: which character would bring out the competitive side in you?

Ooh, my competitive side doesn’t show too often, but I think (as much as I dislike the series) Tris Prior would bring out my competitive side, because she is so athletic and great at fighting and stuff. Also, she seems like quite a nice person, too!

EffieNYTimesFashion Guru – which character’s closet would you like to raid or would you want to go on a shopping spree with?

Effie Trinket! I just love her fashion sense (even though it is a little on the quirky side for me!) but if I was about to take a stroll around the capitol, I would love to borrow these gorgeous outfits from Effie Trinket’s closet.


The Bad Influence: which character would you want to commit a small act of rebellion with?

Probably Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. She seems like such a fun, mischievous type of person – really funny to be around.

Blood brothers: which character would you want to be your surrogate big brother or sister?

Probably Jo from Little Women. She sounds great fun to be around and we could write some amazing stories together!

Mother Hen: which character would you want to care for when you are having a bad day?

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice – she is such a joyful character full of happy vibes – I’m sure she’d cheer me up!


The Counselor – which character would you go to for relationship advice or to confide a secret to?

Maybe Hermionie Granger. She seems like a really trustworthy and non-judgemental character (especially towards the end of the series).

More than friends: who would you want to be your book boyfriend/ girlfriend?

As I said on one of my award posts, lately – it’s got to be Gabe from The Hunger Games because he is so caring and kind. I really like him and I felt sorry for him in the trilogy because Katniss seemed to mess him around quite a lot.

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6 thoughts on “The BFF Book Tag

  1. Poppy says:

    You’re welcome! And yeah, Effie’s clothes are amazing! I didn’t know that they were designed by Alexandra McQueen. Good luck with your post! 🙂


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