The Harry Potter Tag & My Visit to Harry Potter Studios!

hpbooktagI was so excited to receive the Harry Potter tag the other week and incredibly excited to visit the Harry Potter Studios in London at the weekend! I am a big Harry Potter fan, so this is all brilliant. I’m going to combine the tag with a log of my visit to the studios. I really hope you enjoy this post.

First, I am going to thank Lauren from Just Lauren, who tagged me for this. She is a great blogger and I highly recommend that you take a look at her blog.

Also, I want to thank the original creator of the tag, who’s amazing images make this tag so fun and colourful. Thank you!! Also, I’ll remind people here that the rules say that you can’t use any of the Harry Potter books in this tag!

I hope that you will all enjoy this post. ❤

First: for the tag…

writing charm

A book which has a theme which you found interesting, but would like to re-write:


Definitely Insurgent – the second book in the Divergent trilogy. The series started off so well – what happened? I found the second book in the series boring and rambling, but I LOVED the film. I would re-write the book to be like the film.

unlocking charm

The first book in a series that got you hooked:



The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This series is great and I was thoroughly hooked after reading the first book. It fantastically set the scene of a daunting dystopia and the characters were amazing.

summoning charm

A book you wish you could have right now:


Definitely, definitely, definitely – Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. I am really confused as to when this book is coming out in paperback, so I am putting it off for now, but I can’t wait for the conclusion of this amazing trilogy.

killing curse

A killer book. Both senses. Take it as you like:

me before you...This book is so sad. I still haven’t got over it. I saw the end coming but it still hurt me. Very much.

confusing charm

A book that you found really confusing:

wuthering height

Just too many people called Cathy. ..

expecto patronum

Your spirit animal book:

book2I loved this book; I found it so inspiring and influential. I loved every page and related with Charlie because he was quite an anxious person.

dark charmA dark and twisted book:

dark placesWithout a shadow of a doubt, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is definitely the most dark and chilling book I have ever read. It is quite gruesome and grotesque at times, but it has an amazing storyline.

revealing charm

A book that surprised you in a great way and reveals to be more than it is:


I didn’t expect this book to be the way it was, and I was pleasantly surprised how the author moulded a carefree, beautiful children’s tale into a dark and chilling tale.

I’m tagging:

 Harry Potter Studios, London

As I live in the North East of England, I don’t visit London often, but this weekend we went down and we visited Harry Potter studios! Me and my sister are big fans – we love the films and the books and we were desperate to see some of the original materials that were used in the films and just learn more about the creation. And we weren’t disappointed. Honestly, it’s a ‘must-see’ for all fans of Harry Potter. There is so much to see and exciting materials to extend your love of the books. We spent about four hours in there browsing. And the Gift shop was amazing (but expensive!)

20160605_110548So first of all, we were took into a room which was like a full-size cinema where they showed us a film narrated by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.  It ended on a picture taken of the doors to Hogwarts and then the screen was rolled up and the real thing was revealed! We proceeded to go through into the great hall where there were models of the teachers poised in their familiar positions at the top of the hall, as you can see in my photo to the left. By the way, sorry if my photos aren’t the clearest; I only took them on my phone so they won’t be of the best quality. So as you can see (from the left) there is Professor Mcgonagal, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape. I just love the gorgeous windows in the background.

Next, we were free to roam a massive room full of props and accessories that were used in the films. We saw wigs, make-up and original outfits:

On the left, there’s the original outfits that Hermionie, Dean, Sedrick and Cho wore at the Triwizard ball in the fourth book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then there is Hagrid’s outfit. And finally the wigs that completed Belatrix and Luna’s outfits.

Also in this room, we saw all sorts of props used during the films. There was absolutely anything you could possibly think of:

Then we got to go to Potions class with Severus Snape. The room was full of potions, cauldrons which were stirring themselves and other exciting things:

*Seriously, the potions were actually stirring themselves!

Some of my favourite things to see in real life were the sets of Dolores Umbridge’s office and the Ministry of Magic, both very colourful things to see, full of quirky items. The Ministry of Magic absolutely fascinates me!

I just love the cat pictures on the wall of Dolores’s office, by the way. Her teacup and saucer was available to buy in the gift shop afterwards, too, and I was tempted, but I resisted!

I was also thrilled to see that the kitchen of the Weasley’s home was there to view. It was great and full of magical things to do. There was even the knitting needles which knit by themselves (if you activated them by swiping on a screen, ha ha!)

20160605_113314.jpgI love how rustic and cluttered it is! It is so atmospheric and, well, magical!

And now we’ve arrived at Platform 9 and 3/4! The Hogwarts express was amazing! We even got to go inside it and it was exactly as I imagined it, with the narrow little corridor and the carts leading off it. I didn’t get any photos inside, unfortunately (I was too engrossed in looking at everything!) but I got a picture of the train from the outside:

Doesn’t it look lovely?! Now, other props:

I think after seeing these things, we went outside and had a butterbeer. I was actually quite disappointed with the butterbeer (although I didn’t admit that to my mum who had bought me a cup for £3.95, which I thought was very expensive!) It was very sickly and quite a surprise really, because I wasn’t really expecting it to taste the way it did. The froth was nice on the top though, ha ha!

Diagon Alley was my favourite part of the whole studios. It was great. All the shops were there that you could think of, and their window displays were perfect:

Fred and George’s shop was the best! It was so colourful and lively!

Next we went into a room with a model of Hogwarts Castle, which was incredible. It was a big model; about the size of two average-sized rooms, and we learnt that most of the shots of the castle that you see in the film, were actually of this model, rather than a proper life-sized castle. The room kept dimming and brightening again, so you can see it in the daytime and the nighttime here:

Different angles of the castle:

Doesn’t it look beautiful? This was another one of my favourite parts of the tour. It was incredible to think that it featured in the film so prominently.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my post and some of my photos! If you are a Potter fan and haven’t already been, then I would highly recommend that you visit the studios ASAP! I can’t believe it took me so long to decide to go there. The only down-sides really are the prices. The admission fee is quite reasonable, but the stuff inside is priced extortionately! And if you do decide to go, I’d recommend that you take your own refreshments because there is an outside area where you can eat your lunch. Also, I’d definitely bear in mind that there is loads to see so make sure you set aside plenty of time. It personally took us about 4 hours to get round the place, but that was mainly because my sister took forever in the gift shop, and also we waiting a while in the queue to get in the place.

A very good day out, overall, and one I will remember for a long time. Finally, here is one final photo of me sat on a fountain just outside Buckingham Palace in London. I LOVE Buckingham Palace, it’s such a beautiful building and just so elegant and fascinating.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

26 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Tag & My Visit to Harry Potter Studios!

  1. DarlingLauren says:

    I loved your answers and I am so jealous you got to go to see the Harry Potter studios. I’m moving to England in a couple of months, so I hope I can go to London one weekend. Which costume was your favourite that you got to see?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Poppy says:

      Thank you so much, Lauren! And an early very warm welcome to England – to you! It’s a lovely country and I’m sure you’ll love it here! I hope you get to go to the studios and enjoy it. And Hagrid’s costume was my favourite because it was amazing to put in perspective how big he actually was, ha ha! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fatima @ NoteablePad says:

    Poppy, this is such a lovely post 🙂 It’s so great that you were able to visit the Harry Potter studios and share your experience with us.
    I’m actually quite happy that you didn’t enjoy Wuthering Heights 😀 it’s not a favourite of mine.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MyPassionIsHappiness says:

    Lovely tag! I was very interested to read your post. I’m so jealous of that place. I wish I could live somewhere closer. But it was fun to see your experience! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Helen Jones says:

    I live very close to the studios, and have a friend who worked as a medic on four of the films – yet I haven’t visited yet! I must go along – I suppose when something is around the corner you tend to take it for granted 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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