Dripping in Drama: The Swimming Pool by Louise Candlish

Woah – I did not expect so much from Louise Candlish’s The Swimming Pool. This is a book Ithe swimming pool recently borrowed from  a family member and devoured in four days (which is a short length of time to read a book for me). This book is surely the “must-read” of the summer. If you’re going abroad for days by the pool, or just staying at home dreaming of such places, then this is the book for you.

You all know, I love a thriller, and I haven’t read one for a while; starting The Swimming Pool was jumping straight back in the deep end (pun intended). It is so full of tension, intrigue and drama. I love a book that switches from one time to another and Louise Candlish pulled it off excellently in this book. And the characters… don’t get me started on how brilliant the characters were!

The narrator of this story is a middle aged woman called Natalie and the thriller is basically about her befriending a very glamorous family – the Channing’s, who are the reason behind the reopening of a local swimming pool. Lara Channing is an ex-synchronised swimming champion and she has been on a mission to reopen the local lido, and when it does open, she meets Natalie. They both become friends from the start, to the disapproval of Natalie’s husband, Ed, and together, they embrace a summer that they will never forget. But will that be for the right reasons?

So the view points of the story are all from Natalie’s point of view (except from the epilogue), but one p.o.v is in the present day, one p.o.v is from so many weeks earlier, and the last is from 1985, when Natalie was a teenager.

The book is fast paced and consistently interesting, and it quite hard to put down at times.

I thought that the stage of this book, the swimming pool, was really effective, and as I said, it makes it perfect for reading around this time of year. And the characters were so well developed, as the story progressed, which made it hard to think about accusing anyone of being a villain! Everyone seems to have something to hide.

Fabulous, just fabulous, loved every page. This thriller is stylish, addictive and perfect for summer evenings. I will undoubtedly be checking out more of Louise Chandlish’s books because I love the way she writes. I’m awarding this book 5 stars, because it’s something I’m not going to forget easily.

Thanks for reading my review, everyone! I hope your all enjoying some nice sunshine! We are – I’m on holiday at the moment in a gorgeous big house – with a swimming pool, ahaha! So you might not hear from me for a few days, haha ☺



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